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Rail Shoulder

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Rail shoulder is a pre-inserted part in a concrete sleeper. It is used together with a rail clip to fix rails. According to different use requirements, Rall shoulder can be completed by casting and hot forging.

Rail ShoulderRail Shoulder

1、Rail Shoulder by  casting

Rail cast iron shoulders include M.C.I. shoulder manufactured from pearlitic malleable iron and S.G.C.I. shoulder manufactured from spheroid graphite iron. We offer two types of iron shoulders. One is Single Stem Iron Shoulder used in pre-stressed concrete ties and the other is Twin Stem Iron Shoulder used in twin Block concrete ties.

Rail Shoulder by  castingRail Shoulder by  casting

Casting  shoulders are pressed in concrete sleeper and   assembled with E clip in  order to fasten the rail. The material we use is cast iron and the mechanical  property and chemical composition of the rail cast iron shoulder are shown  below :

MaterialTensile Strength(Mpa)Yield Strength(Mpa)Elongation(%)
QT500-7 (GGG50)5003207


2、Rail shoulder by forging

This rail shoulder is produced by  hot forging and used together with fasteners like bolt .and clip , which is put  into the concrete sleeper in advance , it is widely used in Russia ,

Material  : Q235.35#.45#
Surface:  Plain

Rail shoulder by forgingRail shoulder by forging

3、 Weld-on Shoulder

Weld-on shoulder is used for the typical  position of rail. This rail cast iron shoulder is welded on flat steel plate  instead of the standard tie plate and is produced according to AREA standard.

Designed for use with E style elastic rail clips, the weld on shoulder  fastening allows customers to fabricate rail retaining units on both steel  sleepers and steel base plates.

The weld-on shoulder can also be welded  on to longer length steel sleeper sections or bearers for use in the  fabrication of switch and crossing layouts where vertical rail geometry is  employed. The railway shoulder's ability to be welded in the specific position  as dictated by the layout design makes it particularly useful and cost  effective in this role.

The shoulder accessories are supplied  for specific rail sections with design criteria which ensure that the correct  elastic clip toe loading is achieved. Certain shoulders are supplied with  milled weld area faces to assist in achieving the necessary weld integrity.

Weld on shoulder Made of hot forging, it  is used in places where the standard sleepers are not easy to use. Therefore,  it needs to be welded on the tie plate and used together with the elastic clips  to fix the rails.

Material : Q235 .35#.45#
Surface : Plain

Weld-on ShoulderWeld-on Shoulder

4、 Rusian rail anchor

Russian rail anchors are put into the concrete sleeper in advance and are used in conjunction with fasteners to fix rails. The process is casting. The material is QT400-15. The mechanical properties of the material are complied with the Russian standard TOCT7293-85.

Chemical composition and mechanical properties are shown in the table below.

Material : Q235 .35#.45#
Surface : Plain

Rusian rail anchor


Tensile    Strength(Mpa)

Yield    Strength(Mpa)



















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